A&P Fruit Growers, Abbotsford, Bitish Columbia
Fresh BC BlueBerries
Kosher Blueberries and Raspberries from Canada
Davis fresh certified berries, bluberries and raspberries
Best quality British Columbia berries
Canada is the world's second-largest producer and exporter of berries
Export quality raspberries grown in the Fraser Valley, BC, Canada



With our 40,000 sq. state of art packaging facility all our inspection lines are equipped with state of the art color sorters and blowers.

Once we receive fresh fruit, it is stored in pre-coolers right away to bring down the temperature. Berries are then inspected, packed and shipped all under the pre-cooled building to avoid any change in temperature. This ensures that our berries have a longer shelf life.

A&P Fruit Growers Ltd. prides itself in harvesting only the finest berries for our customers. We have adopted the highly effective HACCP Program in our establishment. The HACCP program is a preventive approach to food safety and is the preferred quality assurance standard world wide. We follow GAP & GMP proceduers to pack berries.


  Kosher Certified British Columbia,Canada NSF - Davis Certified Berries from Canada BC Grown Canadian Food Inspection Agency - inspected facility  BC Blueberry Council